A error in mosek solver?

when i use mosek to solve a SDP, this error occurs, can you help me to solve this problem?

Are you using the latest stable release of Mosek, 9.3.20? If not, update to that. if you are already using that (or using the latest 10.0 beta release, so would be reporting a bug in beta release))

cvx_solver_settings('write', 'dump.task.gz')
in your CVX code, and re-run. Send the resulting file to Mosek support.

i use yalmip toolbox to solve the SDP problem, and the solver is mosek 9.3.20.

The YALMIP task file generation instructions, as well as for CVX and others, is at https://docs.mosek.com/latest/faq/faq.html .

But if you are encountering this error when using YALMIP, why are you reporting it on the CVX forum? I provided instructions based on what I thought was the reasonable assumption that you were using CVX.

Please save the task file using the instructions from https://docs.mosek.com/latest/faq/faq.html#how-do-i-dump-the-problem-to-a-file-to-attach-with-my-support-question for your interface (be it CVX or Yalmip) and send to the support email mentioned in the error message. Thanks.