A CVX Professional License is required!


I have CVX and MOSEK academic license, but when I run cvx_solver mosek , I got the following error.

cvx_solver mosek
Error using cvx_solver (line 46)
Unknown, unusable, or missing solver: mosek

Here is the output of cvx_setup as well.

CVX: Software for Disciplined Convex Programming ©2014 CVX Research
Version 2.1, Build 1116 (d4cc5c5) Thu Mar 30 21:54:11 2017
Installation info:
Path: /Users//Desktop/cvx
MATLAB version: 9.0 (R2016a)
OS: Mac OS X x86_64 version 10.13.1
Java version: 1.7.0_75
Verfying CVX directory contents:
No missing files.
Path: /Users/.matlab/cvx_prefs.mat
License host:
Host ID:
Installed license:
No license installed.
Other license found:
File: /Users/Desktop/cvx/cvx_license.dat
Also in file: /Users/Downloads/cvx_license.dat
License type: academic
Named user:
Host ID:
Expiration: 2018-10-11 (303 days remaining)
Status: invalid:user
No valid licenses found.
Click here to fill out an academic license request
for the username and first hostid listed above.
Setting CVX paths…already set!
Searching for solvers…5 shims found.
2 solvers initialized (* = default): * SDPT3 4.0 {cvx}/sdpt3
SeDuMi 1.34 {cvx}/sedumi
7 solvers skipped:
Could not find a GLPK installation.
Gurobi {cvx}/gurobi/maci64
No valid Gurobi license was found. (Please note that this
license is not the same as the CVX license; it must be
obtained directly from Gurobi Optimization.) If you do have
a Gurobi license, the the Gurobi MEX file could not find it.
Please consult the Gurobi documentation for assistance.
Mosek unknown {cvx}/mosek/maci64
A CVX Professional license is required.
Mosek_2 unknown /users/mosek/7/toolbox/r2013a
A CVX Professional license is required.
Mosek_3 unknown /Users/mosek/7/toolbox/r2012a
A CVX Professional license is required.
Mosek_4 unknown /Users/mosek/7/toolbox/r2012aom
A CVX Professional license is required.
Mosek_5 unknown /Users/mosek/7/toolbox/r2013aom
A CVX Professional license is required.
Saving updated preferences…done.
Testing with a simple model…done!
To change the default solver, type “cvx_solver <solver_name>”.
To save this change for future sessions, type “cvx_save_prefs”.
Please consult the users’ guide for more information.

What else should I need to do to be able to add MOSEK as a solver to CVX?

Your CVX license is invalid, because the username you entered into the license does not match the username on your computer. You will have to correct this by adding the proper username to your license, which is offered on the Username: line of the setup output.