A concave maximization that is not supported on CVX

I try to solve a maximization problem using CVX. In its simplest form, I want to maximize


where h_b(\cdot) is the binary entropy function. In the context of CVX, it can be written as
The conditions that I want to impose is as 1 \geq x \geq 0, 1 \geq y \geq 0, y \geq x.
While the function f(x,y) is a concave function, it’s not accepted by CVX. Do you have any suggestions regarding that? Thanks.

I’m not clear on what your function is.

y*log(x/y) can be expressed in CVX as -rel_entr(y,x), which is concave, and can be maximized in CVX…Is that what you want?

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By my back of the envelope calculation


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Thanks. You are absoloutely right. I’m new to this tool, I didn’t know this function.

Thank you very much! This is exactly what I need.