Strange host ID for academic license

When I run cvx_version to obtain a username and host ID for an academic license, I seem to get an invalid response. Here’s the output that I get with the input “cvx_version”:

CVX: Software for Disciplined Convex Programming ©2014 CVX Research
Version 2.1, Build 1110 (66e9a9c) Wed Jun 10 21:43:38 2015

Installation info:
Path: C:\Program Files\CVX\cvx
MATLAB version: 8.5 (R2015a)
OS: Windows 8 amd64 version 6.2
Java version: 1.7.0_60
Verfying CVX directory contents:
No missing files.
Path: C:\Users\Edward\AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB\cvx_prefs.mat
License host:
Username: Edward
Host ID: 00000000000000e0 (net26)
Installed license:
No license installed.
Other license found:
File: C:\Program Files\CVX\cvx\cvx_license.dat
Also in file: C:\Users\Edward\Downloads\cvx_license.dat
Organization: Bar-Ilan University
Contact: Edward Chien (
License type: academic
Named user: Edward
Host ID: 0000000000e0, 5ce0c5d79f25
Expiration: 2016-12-14 (84 days remaining)
Status: invalid:hostid
No valid licenses found.
Click here to fill out an academic license request
for the username and first hostid listed above.

As can be seen, I do have an academic license, and I attached the strange Host ID that I’m getting (by merely chopping off four of the leading zeros). The second host ID I’ve attached is the result of a previous installation from a few months ago on the same computer with the same network card. It pulled a valid host ID then, and I’m not sure why it’s having issues now.

I’m not the first to have this problem, and I posted on the other thread as well. Since I didn’t get a response, I’m trying to start a new topic to see if that will garner any assistance.

Does anyone have any suggestions on having cvx_version secure a standard host ID? Or are there any suggested references that might help resolve the situation? I apologize about the naivety of the questioning, but I’m a bit lost on these matters.

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