CVX failed after some iteration

why cvx failed after some iteration?

Try using CVXQUAD. Follow the directions in CVXQUAD: How to use CVXQUAD’s Pade Approximant instead of CVX’s unreliable Successive Approximation for GP mode, log, exp, entr, rel_entr, kl_div, log_det, det_rootn, exponential cone. CVXQUAD’s Quantum (Matrix) Entropy & Matrix Log related functions .

Thanks for your reply.
To install CVXQUAD only copy its file in the installation MATLAB paths? I read, but not fully understand what I do. I’m grateful if you more help me.

Place the cvxquad-master directory (folder) wherever you want. Then add it to the MATLAB path.

Thanks for your reply.
Surry, How “add the folder to my MATLAB path?”
Is it means I copy it where MATLAB was installed?

Use the Set Path icon in the MATLAB toolbar


help addpath

addpath Add directory to search path.
addpath DIRNAME prepends the specified directory to the current
matlabpath. Surround the DIRNAME in quotes if the name contains a
space. If DIRNAME is a set of multiple directories separated by path
separators, then each of the specified directories will be added.

addpath DIR1 DIR2 DIR3 ...  prepends all the specified directories to
the path.

addpath ... -END    appends the specified directories.
addpath ... -BEGIN  prepends the specified directories.
addpath ... -FROZEN disables directory change detection for directories
                    being added.

Use the functional form of addpath, such as addpath('dir1','dir2',...),
when the directory specification is stored in a string.

P = addpath(...) returns the path prior to adding the specified paths.

    addpath c:\matlab\work
    addpath /home/user/matlab
    addpath /home/user/matlab:/home/user/matlab/test:
    addpath /home/user/matlab /home/user/matlab/test

See also rmpath, pathtool, path, savepath, userpath, genpath, rehash.

A million thanks for your reply.
I was used cvxquad-master. Like previous for one iteration problem solved and iteration 2 failed.
What do you propose I do?

You haven’t provided a reproducible problem. Therefore readers can not reproduce your difficulty to try to resolve it.

Pllease show all solver and CVX output. Have you examined all the input data used for the iteration which fails?

Can I have your Email address to send complete problem?

Please post as well as you can on the forum. We do not use email on this forum.

Hello, have you solved your problem? I met the same problem.