Use cvx to check a function is convex or not

(Cx Qingyang) #1

I am new to cvx.I want to check a function is convex or not,like log(x) and some more complicated.
If cvx could,please tell me how,thanks very much!

(Mark L. Stone) #2

Read Why isn’t CVX accepting my model? READ THIS FIRST! and CVX Users’s Guide . And if you want to get more educated about convex optimization and the theory underlying CVV’s DCP rules on convexity propagation, read

(Cx Qingyang) #3

Thanks for reply.I know cvx will reject some convex function,but what i need is to use cvx to check part of convex function that follow the rules.As i understand if cvx accpet my model,then it is convex.So i want to konw how to use cvx to check a function,like log(x^2)?

(Michael C. Grant) #4

This is not what CVX is for. Please, follow Mark’s instructions and read the FAQ and the documentation.