Problem with grbgetkey

While running ``cvx_grbgetkey ‘’ I’m presented with the following error in Matlab:

CVX/Gurobi license key installer

Contacting the Gurobi Optimization license server…done.
The attempt to retrieve the license key failed with the following error:

info  : grbgetkey version 9.0.0, build v9.0.0rc2

info : Contacting Gurobi key server…
info : Key for license ID 467086 was successfully retrieved
info : License expires at the end of the day on 2020-09-03
info : Saving license key…
info : License 467086 written to file /private/var/folders/vp/s43xnjr55_v8kp6p0f71brp00000gn/T/tp784cc6e7_d287_47bf_9985_8b720d043091/gurobi.lic

For information about this error, please consult the Gurobi documentation

Once you have rectified the error, please try again.

Can anyone suggest how to solve this issue?

Are you able to get the Gurobi license without involvement of CVX, install it, and use Guroibi under MATLAB without involvement of CVX?: if you can’t do that, perhaps Gurobi support can help.

If you can do all that, I think you should be able to run cvx_setup, and CVX will find Gurobi, making it available for use as a solver by CVX.

I am able to get Gurobi license outside CVX and install it in Matlab. However when I am running cvx_setup, I am getting this output.

CVX: Software for Disciplined Convex Programming ©2014 CVX Research
Version 2.2, Build 1148 (62bfcca) Tue Jan 28 00:51:35 2020

Installation info:
Path: /Users/Aragorn/Downloads/cvx
MATLAB version: 9.5 (R2018b)
OS: Mac OS X x86_64 version 10.15.4
Java version: 1.8.0_152
Verfying CVX directory contents:
WARNING: The following files/directories are missing:
These omissions may prevent CVX from operating properly.
Path: /Users/Aragorn/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLAB/cvx_prefs.mat
License host:
Username: Aragorn
Host ID: acbc328f5eb5 (en0,
Installed license:
Organization: University of Maryland
Contact: Debdipta Goswami (
License type: academic
Named user: Aragorn
Host ID: acbc328f5eb5
Expiration: 2021-07-03 (365 days remaining)
Status: verified

Setting CVX paths…already set!
Searching for solvers…5 shims found.
3 solvers initialized (* = default):

  • Mosek 9.1.9 {cvx}/mosek/maci64
    SDPT3 4.0 {cvx}/sdpt3
    SeDuMi 1.3.4 {cvx}/sedumi
    5 solvers skipped:
    Could not find a GLPK installation.
    Gurobi unknown {cvx}/gurobi/maci64
    No valid Gurobi license was found.
    Gurobi_2 unknown /Library/gurobi902/mac64/matlab
    No valid Gurobi license was found.
    Gurobi_3 unknown /Library/gurobi902/mac64/matlab
    No valid Gurobi license was found.
    Gurobi_4 unknown /Library/gurobi650/mac64/matlab
    Invalid MEX-file
    6): Library not loaded: @loader_path/libut.dylib
    Referenced from:
    Reason: image not found.
    Saving updated preferences…done.
    Testing with a simple model…done!

To change the default solver, type “cvx_solver <solver_name>”.
To save this change for future sessions, type “cvx_save_prefs”.
Please consult the users’ guide for more information.

I suggest you file a support request per , so tjhat the CVX developer can look into it.

I got the same problem on Windows OS. I tried running Gurobi outside the CVX and ran cvx_setup. Gurobi is now normally working in the CVX environment.