CVX Program Violates Constraint in Last State

Hello, I’m having lots of success using CVX to solve a convexified dynamic problem. Unfortunately I’ve noticed that at the terminal state the program is violating all but one of the constraints that work flawlessly throughout the flight. I can see that it is avoiding violating this constraints since some of the trajectories “activate” it, and I can see that throughout the flight some get very very close but only violate the constraint at the terminal state.

Does CVX report infeasible, or that optimal solution was found?

All but section 1 of applies to diagnosing infeasible problems in CVX.

I believe I’ve found the issue, the state was going to N+1, and the constraints were enforced until N, running the simulation now I’ll report back if that was the fix.

In answer to your question, CVX was reporting that the problem was solved.