Writing Symmetric Terms in a LMI?

Does CVX have any easy way of writing the symmetric terms and null matrices in a LMI, as in YALMIP?


[A’PA-Q1+Q2 A’PA1 Z1 0 Z2;

  •         A1'*P*A1-Q3     Z2       Z2        A1'*Z1;
  •            *         -Q1-Z1-Z2   0           0   ;
  •            *             *     -Q2-Z2        0   ;
  •            *             *        *          -Z1] < 0

Here * represent symmetric terms, A,P, Q1, Q2, Z1, Z2, A1 are (2X2) matrices. So here 0 represents (2x2) null matrix. My question is do we need to write all the terms of this 5x5 matrix or can we just write the symmetric terms and CVX understands the symmetric terms and null matrices.

You will have to be more specific. Can you perhaps offer an example?

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, you need to write out all of the terms. That’s a nice feature that YALMIP has!