Why this error?

When I try to use Mosek 7 to solve an semidefinite programming, Matlab reports the error:

Warning: Variable ‘s’ originally saved as a serial cannot be instantiated as an
object and will be read in as a uint32.

In driven at 5

Calling Mosek 238282 variables, 1112 equality constraints
For improved efficiency, Mosek is solving the dual problem.

Status: Error
Optimal value (cvx_optval): NaN

??? Undefined function or method ‘mosekopt’ for input arguments of type ‘struct’.

Error in ==> H:\work\cvx_soft\cvx\shims\cvx_mosek.p>m7 at 195

Error in ==> cvx_run_solver at 46
[ varargout{1:nargout} ] = sfunc( inputs{:} );

Error in ==> H:\work\cvx_soft\cvx\shims\cvx_mosek.p>solve at 424

Error in ==>
H:\work\cvx_soft\cvx\shims\cvx_mosek.p>@(varargin)solve(sdp,mfunc,varargin{:}) at 139

Error in ==> cvxprob.solve at 421
[ x, status, tprec, iters, y ] = shim.solve( At, b, c, cones, quiet,
prec, solv.settings );

Error in ==> cvx_end at 79
solve( prob );

Error in ==> driven at 21

How to get rid of it? I use the manual installed version of Mosek 7 since I don’t have administer right.

Looks like an installation issue. Can you run ‘mosekopt’ without CVX? If not you need to set up your Matlab paths correctly and reinstall CVX. Otherwise you may need to submit a CVX bug report.

Can I assume you got this working, given the other question you posted?

Yes, it’s working. Thank you very much.