What is the Meaning of Output Screen?

I was wondering if somebody could interpret the terms in the output screen of successive approximation method. Currently, I do need to know the terms after Original size but an explanation for other terms in the Table below would be appreciated.

My urgent question: The number of variables in my optimization problem is 4000. I do not understand why it has been changed into 176300. Does the method define new slack variables and optimize the problem via the new slack variables?

P.S. Except for the status I could not find the meaning of other terms in the User’s Guide.

Successive approximation method to be employed.
For improved efficiency, SDPT3 is solving the dual problem.
SDPT3 will be called several times to refine the solution.

Original size: 176300 variables, 8080 equality constraints
** 40 exponentials add 320 variables, 200 equality constraints**

Cones | Errors |
Mov/Act | Centering Exp cone Poly cone | Status
40/ 40 | 6.033e+00 9.052e+00 0.000e+00 | Failed
40/ 40 | 5.297e+00 5.256e+00 0.000e+00 | Inaccurate/Solved
40/ 40 | 3.474e+00 1.516e+00 0.000e+00 | Inaccurate/Solved
40/ 40 | 4.597e+00s 1.143e+00 0.000e+00 | Failed
40/ 40 | 3.418e+00 1.452e+00s 0.000e+00 | Inaccurate/Solved
40/ 40 | 1.000e+00 7.463e-02 0.000e+00 | Inaccurate/Solved

Don’t yse that method.

Preferred option: If you have Mosek 9.x available,aspecify it as solver under CVX 2.2

2nd choice option: Follow the instructions at CVXQUAD: How to use CVXQUAD's Pade Approximant instead of CVX's unreliable Successive Approximation for GP mode, log, exp, entr, rel_entr, kl_div, log_det, det_rootn, exponential cone. CVXQUAD's Quantum (Matrix) Entropy & Matrix Log related functions

3rd choice option:: Continue doing what you’re doing, using CVX’s unreliable Successive Approximation method. If you do, you’re on your own.