The value of quad_over_lin()

Hello, everyone ! I have a question about the accuracy of the function quad_over_lin()
For example, B and C both satisfy the condition of quad_over_lin()

A = quad_over_lin(B,C);

However, the value of A is greater than the value on the left.
Do you know what cause it , and have another expression of (x^2/y)?

A is a CVX expression. Unlike CVX variables, its value after cvx_end is not necessarily its optimal value. If you want to know its optimal value, you need to recompute it aftercvx_end, starting with CVX variables. However, the correct “optimal” value of A is used internally by CVX and the solver.


Thank you for your reply.
And I have another question now. The Status is ‘Failed’ , but every constraint is satisfied.

Have you looked at the solver and CVX output?