Seems to be a problem in cvx_startup.m for cvx beta version

I’m using linux, and cvx_startup.m doesn’t like the fact that nothing is passed to it when called in my setup.m

On launching MATLAB I got this

Warning: Executing startup failed in matlabrc.
This indicates a potentially serious problem in your MATLAB setup,
which should be resolved as soon as possible.  Error detected was:
Not enough input arguments. 
> In matlabrc at 212 

So I tried to run cvx_setup directly and got this

Error using cvx_startup (line 28)
Not enough input arguments.

which led me to believe that the parameter ‘quiet’ did not exist in the original call, so I hacked the parameter out, and hard-coded quiet=0; as shown in this patch.

diff cvx_beta_original/cvx_startup.m cvx_beta_hacked/cvx_startup.m
< function prevpath = cvx_startup( quiet )
> function prevpath = cvx_startup
> quiet=0;

I guess a more elegant solution will use varargins, something like this

diff cvx_beta_original/cvx_startup.m cvx_beta_more_elegantly_hacked/cvx_startup.m
< function prevpath = cvx_startup( quiet )
> function prevpath = cvx_startup(varargin)
> if (nargin)
>    quiet = varargin{1};
> else
>     quiet = 0;    
> end



Hey, thanks for this report! It is much appreciated. For future reference, bugs like this should go directly to … but I will make sure this is fixed promptly.

EDIT: This is been fixed in build 867, available now on the web site. This build also fixes a problem with Mac metadata (files beginning with ‘._’) being included in the package and causing issues for Linux users.