SeDuMi Matlab Code for Optimization problem

have this optimization Problem and need to implement this problem using SeDuMi Technique in MATLAB. Here, Q_i = h_i * h_i^(H). and h_i are randomly generated vector. I would like someone to help me with the matlab code for the implementation of this optimization problem in SeDuMi.

Where is your difficulty? it looks like it can be entered in CVX almost as is (other than using a for loop for i, although perhaps some guru could do it without a for loop). As stated in your previous thread, you are expected to know the basics of MATLAB prior to using CVX, and to read the CVX Users’ Guide. if you need help with MATLAB (as opposed to CVX), seek it at .

If you wish to enter this directly in SeDuMi without use of CVX, that is out of scope of this forum, and is somewhat more difficult and error-prone.