Save log file without displaying to the command window

Hi, I meet a problem that, when I call the {cvx_begin/cvx_end} command in a loop, the log file output to the matlab command window makes other results unreadable. How can I save the log data to files instead of displaying them to the command window? From which function the log file comes from? I am quite new to matlab. I tried to find solution on the internet but no result.

Many thanks!

Part of the log file are as following.

Calling SDPT3 4.0: 252 variables, 51 equality constraints
   For improved efficiency, SDPT3 is solving the dual problem.

 num. of constraints = 51
 dim. of socp   var  = 252,   num. of socp blk  = 26
   SDPT3: Infeasible path-following algorithms
 version  predcorr  gam  expon  scale_data
    NT      1      0.000   1        0
it pstep dstep pinfeas dinfeas  gap      prim-obj      dual-obj    cputime
 0|0.000|0.000|2.5e+00|5.2e+00|7.2e+05| 0.000000e+00  0.000000e+00| 0:0:00| chol  1  1

You can’t redirect the output to a file, at least not with a CVX command—if there’s a MATLAB command that lets you do it, then it would be great if someone else here would offer it. However, you can simply suppress the output using the cvx_quiet command or cvx_begin quiet construct, as discussed here in the users guide.