Reference to non-existent field 'affine'

It looks like the lambda_max function is attempting to access an undefined field when composed with reshape. Here’s a minimal example:

>> n = 5; m = 10;
A = randn(m, n);
bigA = zeros(n^2, m);
for i=1:m
    bigA(:,i) = vec(A(i,:)'*A(i,:));

variable y(m)
minimize lambda_max(reshape(bigA*y, n, n))

Reference to non-existent field 'affine'.

Error in cvx_matrix_op (line 172)
    func = p.affine;

Error in lambda_max (line 24)
    y = cvx_matrix_op( params, varargin );

Error in minimize (line 8)
    x = evalin( 'caller', sprintf( '%s ', varargin{:} ) );

Thanks Madeleine! I’m going to close & delete this soon simply because I want to keep bug reports in my bug tracker instead of here. But I definitely appreciate the flag.