Question for Constraint

Is there a way to express the following constraint on cvx subject to section?


You haven’t told us what c_i(t) means.

Nevertheless, variables, whether they be scalars, vectors, matrices, or n-d arrays, can be declared binary.

Here is a simplified situation to illustrate.

variable c(n) binary
sum(c) <= 1 % note that this is the same as ones(n,1)'*c <= 1

I have no idea what all your indexing is, so I’ll let you deal with that.

My cvx does not support binary variables.I get the SDTP3 does not support integer variables error.

c_i(t) is a coefficient subvector N_i x 1 and i want it to be 1 at most once cause i want to extract at most one column from the matrix he is assosiated with.

You will need CVX and solver (Mosek or Gurobi) combination which supports binary and integer variables.

Hello, I would like to ask how to calculate the time complexity of KKT solution.Thank you very much.


may be relevant.

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Thank you, why can’t I get in this link?

The link works for me. Perhaps you should try another browser? Or you have a site blocker?

Last time I was in China they blocked Google. So the link is not likely to work in China without using VPN.

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