Optimization using cvx for multivariable P

Assume you want to opmimize to find Pi due to the following constain
AiPi+ Ai’Pi<0…where i =1,2 ,Pi postive matrices
is this code correct

A1=[0.6 2;3 0.4]
A2=[0.4  5;0.8 0.1]
variable P1(2,2) symmatric
variable P2(2,2) symmatric
A1*P1+ A1'P1<0
A2*P2+ A2'P2<0

please tell me whati s the mestike here??
shall we consider P1 and P2 if we have more than variable P??
shall we cosider also:A1P2+ A1’P2<0 and A2P1+ A2’P1<0

please help me i try to find answer in many where but i do not get it

It looks like you’re having an issue with strict inequalities. Please read this section of the users’ guide for more information. CVX interprets strict inequalities identically to non-strict ones, so P1=P2=0 is actually a feasible point for this model. You must decide for yourself the best way to normalize your model to ensure that a nonzero solution is obtained.