Need help with existing code from CVX examples

i am student from NIT GOA India .i am doing my final year project on VLSI optimization using convex optimization. i gone through some of GP problems which are coded in digital circuit examples. i need a little clarification on some part of program .the matlab program is based NAND GATE delay optimization in which
a line which is written as " % area definition
area = sum(w); "
i want to know exactly the meaning of that term ‘area’ it has many meanings in vlsi domain. i am confused over these terms.
1.area of whole chip.
2.area of transistor (but you are not multiplying with length of transistor).
3.sum(w) which indicates sum of all the widths in one gate but how could it gives whole area.
4.why dimension of transistor are not mentioned?

please answer.

I assume that this is the example you are referring to.

I did not write the example so I can’t tell you what’s going on for sure, but I am happy to guess. The variable w refers to device widths, so sum(w) is the sum of the widths of each device. Since area is just width times height, I’m assuming that the model is normalized somehow so that the heights are all 1.

I suggest reading the paper from which this example was drawn.

yes sir. same example i am having a problem but why they have not mentioned dimension of any of the parameters.

I can’t help you, I’m afraid. Either the paper or its authors will have to be your resource here.