Metrics for popularity of CVX

Warm greetings!

Context: I am preparing a grant application for research related to conic-linear programming. In the Australian system, our grants are typically assessed by people entirely outside of our field, possibly having only minimal mathematical background. We are required to show evidence that our research will have near-immediate impact for the broader society. We also have very little space in which to do that. Because the assessors will likely not be able to understand the research proposal, the argument for impact must be made entirely with simple, concrete data that any person can understand.

Background: For the purpose, I am gathering data to explain to a complete outsider that convex optimization—in particular, conic-linear programming—is widely used. On the CVXPY page, I was able to find some download data for CVXPY (e.g. 628k Pypi downloads per month and 877k Conda downloads).

Query: However, I am unable to find any similar data for CVX, whose Matlab implementation has been around much longer. I would welcome and appreciate any resources and/or data that might help me in this regard, such as download counts, monthly user data, or papers that provide any of these things.

Pardon: I do apologize if this has been asked before, but I searched for about an hour before posting and could not find any relevant threads or information.

There are about 675,000 results when googling
"cvx" "matlab"

Note that CVX is the stock symbol for Chevron. Including “matlab” should eliminate those, but might also eliminate some CVX software links.

"cvx" "convex" has even more results, but many of then are to the Convex Finance platform.

You can also look at the amount of activity on this forum. I suspect the vast majority of active CVX users never post or register on this forum.

None of the people active on this forum have access to CVX download statistics.