Linearizing nonlinear mixed-integer constraint

\{(1+x_1y_1)^{z_1}\}\{(1+x_2y_2)^{z_2}\}\le M\delta

Here (z_1,z_2)\in\{0,1\}, 0\le x_1,x_2 \le 3

and M=1.001,

y=[10 \hspace{2mm} 20],

\delta is a continuos variable

Is there any method to linearize it.

This is really not an appropriate question for this forum. This is a forum for using CVX, which assumes that you’ve already established your model is convex or MIDCP. This is not a modeling forum per se. Please take these questions to a more general forum, like OR-Exchange or Math Stackexchange.

Per the FAQ): If you do not already know that your problem fits into one of CVX’s supported problem classes, then CVX is not the correct tool to use.

(Besides, I don’t have an answer)