How to write it with DCP rule: ax2^(b/x-c)


Please advice how to handle the following constraint

The first part of the above constraint is convex for x>=0, and the second part (i.e., f(x)) is also convex. Can we break the above constraint into two constraints as follows:

and the second one:

It seems that I can write the original constraint using constraint 1 and constraint 2. Please let me know. Many thanks.

It seems to me that I can also write the constraint 2 using the following two constraints:

{z_2, x, z/a}==exponential(1)

I have the same problem as yours. How do u express “ax2^(b/x-c)” in CVX? Thanks in advance!

You should be able to figure that out now by adapting my solution to your question at How to express "x*(2^(1/x)-1)" in CVX .