How to solve this problem:Status: Infeasible Optimal value (cvx_optval): +Inf

The problem to be solved comes from a paper.So make sure this question is feasible. I want to reproduce the paper model, but there are problems that cannot be solved during optimization.
Original question:

my model
cvx_begin SDP
variable W semidefinite
variable Sigma semidefinite
minimize trace(W+Sigma)
subject to
real(trace (Gl
R1)<= real(beta-1);
real(trace (Hl
(A2-Z)))-real(2R2) >= real(beta(2^Rs)-1);
real(trace (W+Sigma)) <= Pmax;

Lemma2 and Lemma1 are the defined function.I have been troubled for a long time, I hope I can get your help, thank you!

What is your question? is there a reason you are keeping the paper a mystery to us? Forum readers can’t be expected to know what all those symbols are, the nature of input data, etc.

Sorry, I may not have described clearly enough. The first part is the formula I need to optimize, and the second part is my code. The following situation appears when running: Status: Infeasible
Optimal value (cvx_optval): +Inf, the calculation result cannot be obtained, but I don’t know what went wrong

All but item 1 also applies to CVX.