How to generate serval hermitian variables in the SDP programming problem?

I am solving a SDP problem, where serval semidefinite variables are needed.
The variables are written as follows:

variable W(M,M,K) herimitian.

“M” denotes the size of variables, “k” denotes the number of variables. The diagonal elements of W(:,:,k) should be real numbers. Then, I write “hermitian”.

Correct if you only want to declare the 2D slices as hermitian.

If you want them to be psd, declare as
variable W(M,M,K) herimitian semidefinite

I have tried the method you suggested.
But the CVX said “Invalid structure specification: herimitian.semidefinite”.
The CVX Release is 2.1.
In the The CVX Users’ Guide, Release 2.1, we can declare as

variable W(M,M,K) herimitian semidefinite

Just delete the “.”.

Thank you.

Sorry, I had a typo, which I’ve now corrected. There is only a space between hermitian and semidefinite .