How to deal with this '{real affine} ./ {zero}' problem?

Disciplined convex programming error:
Cannot perform the operation: {real affine} ./ {zero}

error line :p9*(q(n+1,3)-q(n,3))<=(pow_pos(Tml(n),2)*Bml(n)/pow_pos(qml(n+1,3)-qml(n,3),2))+(2*Tml(n)*Bml(n)*(Tm(n)-Tml(n))/pow_pos(qml(n+1,3)-qml(n,3),2))+(pow_pos(Tml(n),2)*(Bbm(n)-Bml(n))/pow_pos(qml(n+1,3)-qml(n,3),2))+(-2*pow_pos(Tml(n),2)*Bml(n)*(q(n+1,3)-q(n,3)-qml(n+1,3)+qml(n,3))/pow_pos(qml(n+1,3)-qml(n,3),3));

The cvx works at first and then suddenly this error occurs. I have checked ‘qml’, and do not find some errors.

This means that some denominator has been zero.

Yes, but when i checked the error line, I don’t see a bug with a denominator of zero. I am confused . :rofl: