How should I cite content from this site?

If I have written an article, book, etc. or have created some other work that utilizes the text on this site, how should I cite it?

The content on this site is a collaborate effort of all of its members. As the disclaimer immediately above this editing window shows, content you create on this site is collected under a license called the [Creative Commons Attribute 3.0 Unported](Attribution 3.0 Unported) (CC BY 3.0) license. This license ensures that anyone is free to use, share, and modify this content, as long as they give credit to this web site and to its creators—including, quite possibly, you.

Therefore, if you want to use, modify or share this text somewhere else, please make sure to provide proper attribute. Please cite your sources as specifically as possible. For example, if you wanted to cite this question and answer post, you might create a BibTeX entry like this:

@misc {CVXForum1,
    title={How should I cite content from this site?},
    author = {Michael C. Grant ( et. al.},
    howpublished = {The CVX Forum (web site)},
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Note: the CC BY 3.0 license cannot be forcibly applied to copyrighted material that is already covered by a different license, such as Matlab or even CVX source code. For that reason, please do not post material here that cannot be covered under that license. If you see copyrighted material on this site, please feel free to report it to the administrators.