Help me,how to use sedumi function of cvx

cvx_solver sedumi
b=[1 4]’;
A=[-1 1 0 1 1;0 0 -1 1 2];
c=[0 2 0 3.5 6];
[x, y, info]=sedumi(A,b,c);

Undefined function ‘sedumi’ for input arguments of type ‘double’.

Error in cvx_sedumi_test (line 7)
[x, y, info]=sedumi(A,b,c);

because i install sedumi failure, so i want to use sedumi function of cvx, but it does’t work, how i can use sedumi funtion , please help!

You need to read the CVX Users’ Guide .

In CVX, you do not make a call to sedumi as you have done. You need to declare (CVX) variables, specify an objective function to be minimized or maximized, and specify any constraints. If sedumi is the specified solver, it will be called by CVX to solve the problem after reaching cvx_end.

thank you, i work with cvx properly, but now, i just want to use sedumi function

If you want to use sedumi on a standalone basis, without doing so through CVX, then that is not a topic for this forum.

Nevertheless, I was able to successfully execute your code, so perhaps the problem is that sedumi is not in your MATLAB path.