For/end loop in cvx tool box

i have ten iterations to execute, and i want to use new power for every iteration, i.e for iteration 1 P1, for iteration 2 P2, … iteration 10 P10.
plz guide me how to use

You need to describe more clearly what you are trying to do, and what aspect you don’t know how to code.

Do you want a structure similar to this?

for i=1:10
  variable x
  % constraints

Or are Pi power levels which are input data? If so, have cvx_begin ... cvx _end inside for ... end and use P(i) in the CVX portion.

thanks for dear M.L Stone for your kind reply and early response. i have done and fix my problem.
i have learnt many things from this forum through many previous problems solutions.
once again very very thanks. i,ll remain in contact with this forum in future.