Error while cvx installing

Though installation is successfully completed in my desktop (windows 7), it is not completed in my laptop (windows vista) due to an error:

*UNEXPECTED ERROR: ----------------------------------
Attempt to execute SCRIPT cvx_version as a function:
Error in ==> cvx_setup at 20
    cvx_version( '-install', varargin{:} );

Please report this error to support, and include entire output of
CVX_SETUP in your support request.*

Could you help me what is the problem and what should I do?

Can you please re-download and try again? I think you might have a prerelease version that I did not intend to release to the public yet.

But short of that, you should do what the installer said: report the error to support (, and include the entire output of CVX_SETUP in your request.

Now it is completed. Thank you very much.

Super. Sorry about the trouble!