CVX installation missing files

Whenever I try to set up cvx I get this error and says installation is not completed. I check the lib folder and the files are all there!

I have tried re-downloading a few times, and took the most recent cvx folder from a shared drive that a colleague has been using. She can setup no problem on her end but I cannot!

cvx only worked once for me on my matlab, but once I closed the matlab instance it has not been able to setup since.

I`ve tried cding from another drive or opening the matlab file cvx_setup directly in folder, neither have worked.

I have 64 bit windows and matlab R2014b

ERROR: the following CVX MEX files are missing:
CVX will not operate without these files. Please visit
and download a distribution built for this platform.

You’ve downloaded the wrong version. You may be on a 64-bit machine, but you are running 32-bit MATLAB.

Thank you !
I forgot I had both matlab versions installed! I`ve been running the wrong matlab.

Thank you very much for the help.