CVX Gurobi solving a MIP

I have a classical problem of MIP,and the form is like:
minimize x1*(y1^2+y1+1)+x2*(y2^2+y2)
S.t. x1, x2 are binary
y1, y2 are normal variables which have upper and lower bounds

I use the Gurobi Solver, but it reported error:
can not solve the {convex}*{affine}.
The questions are:

  1. Does any Solver can solve this kind of problem?
  2. If not, how can I use the cvx combined with Gurobi to solve it, with the branch and bound method?


Please read the documentation on the disciplined convex programming ruleset. All CVX models, including those with integer/binary variables, must be constructed according to these rules. If you cannot rewrite your model in this form, CVX cannot solve it.