CVX Dumpfile from MOSEK Error


I’m having a problem getting MATLAB to save the dumpfile when calling MOSEK. I’ve changed the settings by entering

cvx_solver_settings('dumpfile', 'C:\~\CVX_Dump.mat' )

and upon running a CVX program, it produces

Saving output to: C:\~\CVX_Dump.mat

However, before the program can complete, I receive this error

`Error using cell2struct
Number of field names must match number of fields in new structure.

Error in cvx_run_solver (line 68)
dstruct = cell2struct( [ inputs, varargout, output ], [ inp_names, otp_names, 'output' ], 2 ); %#ok

Error in cvx_mosek>solve (line 485)

Error in cvxprob/solve (line 429)
        [ x, status, tprec, iters ] = shim.solve( At, b, c, cones, quiet, prec, solv.settings, eargs{:} );

Error in cvx_end (line 88)
    solve( prob );`

Not sure what the problem is. Could it be the MATLAB version?

EDIT Seems to be working now. It did not like the file, but removing specification of the folder did the trick.

I can’t answer this, but to expedite matters for someone who can, maybe you should provide the version of your OS, MATLAB, CVX (version/build), and MOSEK.

Thanks Mark, you’re absolutely right. Slipped my mind.

Windows 7 x64
CVX 2.1 Build 1107