Build model outside of cvx

Hi, in my optimization model, constraints require lots of FOR loops to build. Is it possible to build them outside the cvx to speedup setup? and how?
Thank you in advance.

Maybe if you show us the model you are trying to build, someone will have suggestions fro speeding up the model building process, one way or another.

Hi Mark, I have 12 constraints on my optimization model, I put one of the constraints as a sample and the others are almost similar to this one. I have to solve the optimization problem several times during simulation and it takes a long time to solve it.

Read the tricks at How to vectorize most constraint loops in CVX and make use of sum() function,it might work out if ismember() has its vectorized version.
sorry for my mistake. thanks Mark, that is what I mean.

I think @jackfsuia meant to specifically link this thread How to vectorize most constraint loops in CVX .

Thanks Jack and Mark, the addressed link is helpful. I try to vectorize my constraints.