I can not run this code:

    variable w(14,1) complex
    sinr = w'*sigN*w;
    maximize (sinr)
    subject to 

and this is the message that I received:

??? Error using ==> cvxprob.newobj at 57
Disciplined convex programming error:
   Cannot maximize a(n) convex expression.

Error in ==> maximize at 21
    newobj( prob, 'maximize', x );

Error in ==> test_cvx at 19
    maximize (sinr)

This is a familiar problem. I can used the same objective function and constraint with Yalmip, but I want to use CVX. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Why do you want to take the norm of a real scalar?

Thank you for your comment. This is my mistake, I edited but the program has not worked

That’s because your problem is non-convex. CVX only handles convex problems.

I think this particular problem can be solved with a generalized eigenvalue computation, I’m not sure.