Are there some variables storing final primal and dual objective value?

I used SDPT3 to solve a SDP problem.I know that I can read the final primal and objective value in the command window but I was wondering wheter there are some variables that store this information. Thanks.

From the CVX Users’ Guide: Extracts from

A complementary (primal and dual) solution has been found. The
primal and dual variables are replaced with their computed values,
and the the optimal value of the problem is placed in cvx_optval
(which, by convention, is 0 for feasibility problems).

The solver has determined that the problem is unbounded. The value
of cvx_optval is set to -Inf for minimizations, and +Inf
for maximizations. (Feasibility problems, by construction, never
produce an Unbounded status.) The values of any dual variables
are replaced with NaN, as the dual problem is in fact

The problem has been proven to be infeasible through the discovery
of an unbounded direction. The values of the variables are filled
with NaN, and the value of cvx_optval is set to +Inf
for minimizations and feasibility problems, and -Inf for

Thank you Mark for your reply. Actually I want to know whether there are some variable generated in the Matlab Workspace storing the dual and primal objective value. I checked all the variables in Matlab Workspace and did not find such variables. I believe that we can only get this information from Matlab command window.

cvx_optval is in the MATLAB workspace and has value as described above.