Quasiconcave by using Bisection Method


The equation from paper are shown below


we know beta and alpha value. We need to choose the minimum value of SINR from a SINR vector having k values inside. Then we need to optimize eta to get maximum SINR.

In the paper, it says using bisection method to solve the problem. Since t is given, so I think I think it is a feasibility problem. However, when I set ‘maximize 0’, it said the object is given. As well as when i change SINR_k(eta)>=t to a equation, shown below,

the system still show me the error.

Looking for help!!! Thanks!!!

(Radhika Gour) #2

Hello jessica,

Can you tell me the reference of this paper…I am also working on quasi concave problem…


It’s ‘Cell Free Massive MIMO system’.