QP problem infeasible

(Erling D.Andersen) #21


illustrates that the change can be quite deep. I do not say this case is relevant to the example of thread.
What I am saying is that the formulation can have bigger nontrivial consequences.

(Mark L. Stone) #22

In my SOCP formulation, is there strict complementarity in exact arithmetic, but not numerically, given solver tolerance? Or is that no what is going on at all n this case?

(Erling D.Andersen) #23

You have misunderstood my last post.

I am not saying anything specific about your formulation versus my formulation in this specific case. Particularly I am not saying anything about strict complementarity of the different formulations.

However, what I am saying is that strict complementarity can be affected when you reformulate the model. And hence the reformulation in such cases is nontrivial and something deeper is going on. Also I am trying to illustrate there are many things to consider when evaluating the different formulations.