Issues in installing GUROBI with cvx


Hello,everyone. I want to install Gurobi with cvx, and I followed the directions in the The CVX Users’ Guide, Release 2.1, and I have a problem on running the command cvx_grbgetkey {code}, I indeed get the key from the Gurobi, however,matlab displays as follows

I don’t know how to solve the problem, and I really need your help.
Thank you.

(Michael C. Grant) #2

It looks like the problem occurred while running Gurobi’s own license key retrieval program. Yes, CVX includes it, but it’s really theirs. My suggestion is this: download the full Gurobi package and install it per their instructions, including the license key retrieval. Once that’s done, you’ll have a Gurobi key and you won’t need to run cvx_grbgetkey at all. And if there are issues, you should consult Gurobi’s support channels (like their Google Groups channel).


Thank you very much.
Your answer really helps a lot.