How to write cvx code of this SDP problem

(Afguixian Xu) #1


Dear colleague:
How to write cvx code of this SDP problem .Thank you for your kindly help.

Guixian from Beijing.

(Michael C. Grant) #2

I’ve removed the email address. This is a forum for a reason. Any help should be offered as an answer to this post, so that it may be recorded for posterity and for the future use of others.

(Afguixian Xu) #3

Sorry for that. My first time of posting my question. Still want guys can help me…

(Michael C. Grant) #4

What specifically are you having trouble with? This doesn’t look like a particularly complex problem. This forum is not a substitute for reading the documentation and experimenting, but if you’re having a specific issue, let us know

(Afguixian Xu) #5

Thank you for your reply. I have solved this problem.