CVX for Simulink

(Sepideh Kianbakht) #1

Hi, Is there any way to use CVX in Simulink?


(Mark L. Stone) #2

See CVX and Simulink Problem .

I think if you try to mix CVX and SIMULINK, you are on your own. But feel free to report any results if you try.

(Sepideh Kianbakht) #3

I have tried, but no success. Do you have any suggestion?

(Mark L. Stone) #4

The suggestion is not to mix CVX and SIMULINK.

If you want to use CVX, don’t use SIMULINK. If you want to use SIMULINK, you’ll have to find something other than CVX. Perhaps you can try YALMIP and .

(Sepideh Kianbakht) #5

Thanks. I have to use SIMULINK.

(Sepideh Kianbakht) #6

What about CXVGEN, does CXVGEN work with SIMULINK?

(Mark L. Stone) #7

This is not the right forum for expertise in CVXGEN.

Googling CVXGEN SIMULINK shows some Q&A links, although I’m not sure they will help.

You could try contacting the CVXGEN developer, Jacob Mattingley. I don’t know whether CVXGEN is still being developed/maintained.

Anyhow, YALMIP might be your best option . You can get help at!categories/yalmip .

(Erling D.Andersen) #8

What about using yalmip or maybe call something like Mosek directly instead.