Conversion of "sine function to convex form



How can I convex the sine function in the objective function?

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Trigonometric functions are neither convex nor concave,. They can only be “convexified” by means of an approximation, such as a suitable Taylor series. The one term Taylor series approximation for sin(x) is x, and the two term Taylor series approximation is x - x^3/6, which is concave if e is positive, and convex if e is negative.However, it is doubtful either of those will work well in your optimization problem. A higher order Taylor series approximation for sin(x) will be neither convex nor concave.

Edit: Now I see you have an absolute value around the sin term. So only the one term Taylor series approximation could be used, unless a binary is introduced to handle the absolute value.

I recommend you use a non-convex nonlinear solver, which you can not do via CVX. You can consider using YALMIP. Why isn't CVX accepting my model? READ THIS FIRST!


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